Marine Design

From concept to final design, Coda Marine can assist your team in getting projects out the door. We offer practical and efficient design solutions and present information with appealing graphics.

Our focus is 3D design using Rhinoceros NURBS modeling software.  We continue to stay well versed in the latest CAD applications as well as marine design and construction advances. 
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The top image is a 32' Bristol Bay fishing boat hull form that was modeled with offsets from a sister ship.  The task for Coda Marine was to create a computer model for CNC cut parts for the builder, Nichols Diversified Industries. After completing the hull model we continued to model nearly the entire vessel in 3D and created CNC cut files and an assembly package for construction.

The lower image is a 49' cruising catamaran. Coda Marine modeled the hull form based on input from the naval architect Scott Jutson.  From there we modeled the entire vessel to follow a set of concept drawings.  The 3D model gave our client a realistic view of the vessel's proportions and interior space.
2D Design:

  • Construction details
  • General arrangements
  • Outboard profiles

3D Design:  

  • Hull forms
  • Decks and superstructures
  • Engine room layouts
  • Piping layouts

Ease of modeling allowed us to make frequent changes to the engine cooling piping to get the best use of a confined space. 

Hockema & Whalen Associates provided the piping diagrams and we created a 3D piping layout that would fit within the constraints of the engine room.  2D silhouettes of the piping were exported to create a final construction drawing for the shipyard.