Production Design

Coda Marine provides computer lofting for steel and aluminum vessels up to 70' using ShipConstructor software.  We can also assist your design team using ShipConstructor's WorkShare feature.

Detailed and accurate 3D production design will streamline construction.
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click on image to see photo gallery
click on image to see photo gallery
     Significant Lofting Projects  
  • Aluminum Catamarans - 30' to 49'
  • Several Sponson & Modifications
  • Several Bristol Bay F/V
  • 58' x 29' F/V
  • 65' Aluminum Landing Craft
  • 120'  Car Ferry
  • 30m & 47m Car Cable Ferry
  • 80m Steel Marina Dock

click on image to see photo gallery
32' x 12' Aluminum Catamaran Landing Craft

This sporty catamaran was built by Nichols Diversified Industries, LLC on Whidbey Island.  From a 3D model to a completed vessel on the water; the images above show the project's progress. 

48' x 20' Steel Fishing Vessel

Another vessel built by Nichols Diversified Industries; once lofting for the hull and house were complete on this fishing vessel, we continued with 3D interior design for the wheel house.  Interior components were constructed from aluminum and CNC cut.
120' Steel Double Ended Ferry

Capilano Maritime Design, Ltd provided construction drawings for the lofting of this 23 car ferry.  Assembly drawings give the shipyard a construction sequence and identify the cut parts.  The drawings can be detailed with dimensions and weld call outs like the examples above or very simple with just part labeling.